Nearby Places in Merwara Palace

Desert National Park


In the northeast of Indian State of Rajasthan lies Pushkar which is also known as "Tirth Raj" the king of all pilgrimage sites. it is just 15kms from Ajmer and famous for hundreds of temples, including 14th-century Jagatpita Brahma Mandir, dedicated to the god of creation, which has a distinctive red spire and walls inlaid with pilgrims’ silver coins. It is home to 52 ghats and 400 temples and the origin of the pushkar lake happened when Brahma ji killed a demon named Vajra Nabh with a lotus flower. Devotees take a dip in the lake on fullmoon nights, which is considered the path to salvation.

Kuldhara Village


Situated approx 32kms from Ajmer, Kishangarh is a great place to spend time with your family and is a great escape. Popularly known as Marble city of india, is very famous for marble and granite trade. It has one of its kind and unique temple of Nine Planets, which is the only one world wide. The city has famous sightseeing which include Phool Mahal Palace, Roopangarh Fort and Kishangarh Fort which is surrounded by a canal that was built by Kishan Singh. The city also has a large lake known as the Gond Talav surrounded by many picnic and religious places such as Mukham Vilas and Bhairu Ghat. Kishangarh was founded by Jodhpur's prince, Kishan Singh, and still remains dotted by numerous forts, lovingly restored palaces and a riot of colors.

Jaisalmer Fort


Dargah is one of the most visited places of Ajmer and it is believed that if you pray with a pure heart, all your wishes will come true.The Persian Sufi saint, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti reached Ajmer in 1192 via Lahore and stayed there till his death in 1236 AD. He was well-known for his secular preaching and Muslims believe that he was Muhammad’s direct descendant and it was on his request (Muhammad came to his dream) he went to Ajmer. You need to go through a series of silver massive doors with beautiful carvings to reach the courtyard and reach the tomb of Chishti which is carved out of marble. It has gold plating on top and is guarded by a railing made from silver and a marble screen. The Dargah is an architectural marvel and perfect for connecting to your spiritual self.

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